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序號 5
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 1998
出版月份 10月
卷期 Vol.2 No.4
作者 侯雲卿
作者任職單位 成功大學圖書館秘書


關鍵字 價格成本文件供應館際互借館際合作
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Title The Cost and Pricing of Interlibrary Documentary Delivery Services.
Author Yun-ching Hou
Author's title Library Secretary, National Cheng Kung University

To improve the financial difficulties among libraries in Taiwan caused by the average 10% inflation on books and periodicals each year, one feasible way is providing a closer is documentary delivery service. Currently, the Lending service is concentrated largely on few major libraries, rendering them a heavy burden. This study aims to utilize fixed cost, variable cost as will as loss and profit average (break-even point), to set up a reasonable price model, By establishing a fair charge model, the libraries can promote the inter-library service and reach virtual resources sharing.

Keywords CostDocumentary deliveryInterlibrary cooperationInterlibrary loanPricing
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序號 3
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2003
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.7 No.1
作者 黃明居;柯皓仁
作者任職單位 玄奘大學圖書資訊學系;國立交通大學圖書館


關鍵字 使用行為分析文件傳遞績效評估與衡量館際互借
頁碼 56-74
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Title Analysis of User Behavior and Measuring the Performance of Interlibrary Loan System in Taiwan
Author Ming-jiu Hwang; Hao-ren Ke
Author's title Dept. of Library and Information Science, Hsusan-Chuang University; Library of National Chiao Tung University

It has been three years since the Interlibrary Loan System in Taiwan was set up and began to operate, the functionality of the system and user status are getting more steady. Breaking down the system transaction logs and statistics, it is crucial to analyze and measure or evaluate the system performance as well as the system usage and user’s behavior. This study finds the performance of operation cost, application quantity, turnaround time and full rate have been improved year by year. What's more, there are several phenomena about the quantity, applicants of ILL and types of document delivery which have emerged among the cooperated libraries. All these facts are worthy of reference for the system improvement in the future.

Keywords Document delivery servicesInterlibrary loanPerformance evaluation and measureUser behavior analysis
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序號 7
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2010
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.14 No.2
作者 曾敏玲
作者任職單位 東吳大學圖書館採錄組長


關鍵字 北區區域教學資源中心圖書資源服務平台聯合目錄資源共享館際互借館際合作
頁碼 134-173
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2010.14-2.07
Title The Planning and Building the Union Catalog of Northern Taiwan Teaching & Learning Reference Center Integrated Library Service (NTTLRC ILS)
Author Min-Ling Tseng
Author's title Head, Acquisition Department, Soochow University Library

The article introduces the current situation of the union catalog of the United States and Taiwan as a reference to establish the union catalog of NTTLRC ILS. It is also described in detail the design idea, the function and the characteristic of the union catalog of NTTLRC ILS, which provides a very simple and user-friendly interface so that the user can easily obtain library collections, and then conveniently make an Interlibrary Loan request.

Keywords Interlibrary cooperationInterlibrary loanNTTLRC ILSResource sharingUnion Catalog
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2010.14-2.07