序號 7
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2004
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.8 No.1
作者 王昭然;姚昭智
作者任職單位 國立成功大學建築學系研究生;國立成功大學建築學系教授


關鍵字 地震大學圖書館抗震設施書架耐震補強
頁碼 130-146
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Title Earthquake Damage to Library Cantilever Shelves: A case Study Using Strong Motion Analysis
Author Jau-ran Wang; George. C. Yao
Author's title Graduate Student, Department of Architecture, NCKU; Professor, Department of Architecture, NCKU

Earthquake damage is not limited merely to the structural integrity of buildings; indeed, the damage to nonstructural components can render facilities entirely inoperable in the aftermath of an earthquake, leading to loss of life or property. In two such instances in Taiwan, the Chi-Chi Earthquake and the Oct. 22 Earthquake of 1999, the cantilever library shelves in one University in Hsin-Chu City and one University in Jung-Li City were seriously damaged due to their lack of earthquake-resistant devices in the shelves. In this paper, we examine flood vibration acceleration records from seismometers installed in several floors of these two libraries by the Central Weather Bureau. The records are analyzed by comparing the shelf arrangement to the library's floor plan. The library's structural system is examined as well, to put these shelf failures in their context, clarifying the cause and pattern of the shelves’ failure. The experiment also yields rules that librarians may use to plan ideal shelving for earthquake-resistant facilities.

Keywords earthquake-resistancelibrariesretrofitshelvesstacks
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