Yu-Wen Hwang


序號 6
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2005
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.9 No.1
作者 劉廣定;張寶三;黃郁雯
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學化學系;國立臺灣大學中國文學系;國立臺灣大學中國文學系


關鍵字 木活字版程乙本程甲本紅樓夢萃文書屋
頁碼 93-99
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Title An Introduction to the Movable-Type Edition of Dream of the Red Chamber at National Taiwan University Labrary
Author Kwang-Ting Liu; Pao-San Chang; Yu-Wen Hwang
Author's title Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University; Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University; Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University

A copy of the wooden movable-type edition of Dream of the Red Chamber iscollected at the National Taiwan University Library, published by Cui-Wen Publisher in the late Qianlong era. The NTU copy has 12 chapters in 24 volumes which are kept in four cases. It begins with a foreword by Cheng Weiyuan (Xiaochuan)and is then followed successively by a preface by Gao E, a list of contents, somepictures with poems, and then the main text. There are a number of handwrittenpages, including the foreword, the preface, page 10 recto of chapter 3 to page 1recto of chapter 4, and also page 1 of chapter 9. In comparison with the reprintedcopies of the authentic Cheng's Version A and Cheng's Version B published by beijingLibrary Press, we have found that in the copy at NTU, chapters 1 to 3 are a mixture of both versions: chapters 4 to 30, 91 to 115 and 117 to 120 are Version A,chapters 31 to 90 and 116 are Version B. Moreover, the list of contents and certainfeatures or wordings in several pages are neither identical to those in Version A norVersion B.

Keywords Cheng's Version ACheng's Version BCui-Wen PublisherDream of the Red CharmberWooden movable-type edition
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