Lung-Te Lee


序號 6
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2005
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.9 No.2
作者 顏嘉惠;李隆地;蔡家正;陳香靜;簡秀惠
作者任職單位 吳鳳技術學院國際企業管理學系講師;吳鳳技術學院國際企業管理學系學生


關鍵字 忠誠度消費者行為滿意度網路書店
頁碼 105-116
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Title The Factors Affecting Customers' Satisfaction with Online Bookstore
Author Chia-Hui Yen; Lung-Te Lee; Chia-Cheng Tsai; Hsiang-Ching Chen; Hsiu-Hui Chien
Author's title Instructor, Department of International Business Management, Wu-Feng Institute of Technology; Student, Department of International Business Management, Wu-Feng Institute of Technology

The purpose of this paper is to explore satisfaction and loyalty of users who have visited online bookstore before in order to discover all the aspects that customers are concerned with and develop an insight into the management of an online bookstore. According to the research, the website design, quality of service, personal service, and the three major factors of research model, are highly relevant to research variables as well as satisfaction and loyalty. The results of this paper aim at improving the service quality of online bookstore for the sake of meeting customers' satisfaction.

Keywords Customer behaviorLoyaltyOnline bookstoreSatisfaction
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