Chieh Yang


序號 4
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2016
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.20 No.2
作者 楊婕
作者任職單位 臺大醫學院附設醫院圖書室副管理師

近幾年圖書館空間規劃成為館員們討論的話題,隨著時代的進步,大學圖書館對於空間規劃亦須精進研究。近年來國外推出研究共享空間的概念,此一空間是專為大學教師與研究生打造,也是大學圖書館的創新服務。目前臺灣鮮少有對於研究共享空間的研究與討論,因此本研究將會以(1) 探討圖書館研究共享空間的意義與內涵;(2) 探討大學教師與研究生的研究任務與需求;(3) 探討圖書館共享空間個案以提出結論與建議作為研究目的進行探討,並透過文獻分析法及三件個案來了解該主題的相關資訊,並於最後提出結論和建議。

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Title Conceptualizing Research Commons for University Libraries with Perspectives of Case Studies
Author Chieh Yang
Author's title Assistant System Coordinator, National Taiwan University Medical Library

In recent years, the library space planning has become the topic of discussion. With the progress of time, academic libraries also need to do studies on space planning. The concept of research commons is a new idea. This space is designed for university faculty and graduate students. In Taiwan, there are few research studies and discussions about research commons. Hence, this paper first explores the significance and content of library research commons. Then it investigates the research tasks and needs of university teachers and graduate students. Third, this study focuses on the case of the research commons to propose suggestions. Through literature analysis and case studies, this study aims to understand the relevant information about this topic. In conclusion, we will also propose recommendations.

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