Vol.8 No.1

Vol.8 No.1


序號 2
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2004
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.8 No.1
作者 林麗娟
作者任職單位 輔仁大學圖書資訊學系

過去幾十年來,各國醫學教育界廣泛的推動問題導向式學習(Problem-based Learning,簡稱PBL)。問題導向式學習的主要進行的方式在於透過一系列的問題,提供學生經驗的架框,並藉由解決實際環境中的問題,讓學生經由開放式的學習環境主動探索問題。新的科技的發展,尤其是網際網路所能提供的資訊廣度,更提供學生在問題導向式環境中新的學習機會。在問題導向式學習的環境中,圖書館所扮演的角色日益重要。如何幫助醫學專業的學生建立所需的資訊素養,讓他們能夠在PBL所提供之環境,進行彈性化、開放式,以及自導式的學習也成為醫學圖書館的要務之一。文中除了分析PBL的相關理論、實例之外,也提供了如何透過資訊素養的推廣落實PBL理念

關鍵字 問題導向學習網路學習資訊素養醫學教育
頁碼 31-43
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Title Integrating Information Literacy into Problem-based Learning for Medical Education
Author Lih-juan ChanLin
Author's title Department of Library & Information Science, Fu Jen Catholic University

Problem-based learning (PBL) has been widely implemented in medical education asan important pedagogical approach for the last decades. The PBL approach is intended tohelp the learner frame experience as a series of problems and skills to the solution of realproblems in the contexts of real practice. The advent of new technology, specially thewealth of information that can be accessed over the Internet, provides new opportunities oapply aproblem-based learning. As learning in medical schools moving towards Problembasedapproach, the role of library has become increasingly important. How to helpmedical professionals develop needed information literacy is essential to support learning inthe flexible, open, and self-directed learning environment offered by PBL. The paperReviews related theories and cases for PBL, and how information literacy can be integratedin PBL to enhance learning.

Keywords information literacymedical educationPBLproblem-based learningWeb-based learning
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