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序號 8
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 1999
出版月份 1月
卷期 Vol.3 No.1
作者 張瀚文
作者任職單位 台大圖書資訊學研究所


關鍵字 主題編目內容分析圖像敘述編目
頁碼 104-115
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Title The Description and Analysis of Images
Author Han-wen Chang
Author's title Department of Library and Information Science, Nation Taiwan University

In human cultural history, “image” has been playing a very important role. Nowadays, the innovating of Internet and multi-media techniques leads the use of images to a new era. The performance of images becomes more and more diverse with the progress in technology, but the description and analysis of them is quite insufficient. Librarians have to pay more attention to the issue on “how to effectively describe and analyze images” to help users retrieval. In this article, the author first clarifies the categories and characteristics of images and then discusses physical description and the subject analysis. In conclusion, this report provides a view of image organization to the libraries.

Keywords Content analysisdescriptive catalogingimagesubject cataloging
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