Chen-chi Chang


序號 6
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2002
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.6 No.1
作者 張陳基
作者任職單位 南亞技術學院

隨著網路資源的盛行,讀者所接觸之資訊來源也漸趨多元化,各種資料來源、類型以及使用方式也對讀者造成沉重的負擔。圖書館基於提供資訊服務的立場上,除了為讀者整理網路資源之外,也應該思考如何為讀者提供一種簡單而易用的檢索方式,設計規劃一多元化資訊檢索介面,整合各項資訊來源,將各種資料之查詢介面整合在圖書館WebPAC查詢介面中。本文將介紹利用Open URL技術及編碼原則,透過不同系統的查詢指令分析,將讀者所查詢的字串直接傳送至其他資料來源伺服器上,除了可以為讀者蒐集資訊資源之外,更進一步為讀者提供整合式檢索介面,方便讀者查詢資料。以南亞技術學院圖書館WebPAC為個案研究,依實際需求整合各項資訊來源,除了建立個別圖書館特色的檢索介面,並且可以引導讀者查詢相關資源。

關鍵字 多元化資訊數位圖書館資訊檢索開放式URL
頁碼 82-93
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Title The Design and Implementation of Integrated Interface for Information Retrieval System in Libraries
Author Chen-chi Chang
Author's title Nanya Institute of Technology

With the growth of the Internet, readers have access to a growing array of information resources. The number and variety of these resources, however, have created new difficulties for users. Based on its commitment to information services, the library has collected resources and designed a simple way to retrieve various sorts of information. To integrate the information retrieval interface, we employ an OpenURL to automate the transfer of the user's query to different information servers. Nanya Library's WebPAC integrates information resources, including nearby university collections, electronic books, and Internet bookstores.

Keywords Digital Librarieshybrid informationInformation retrievalopenURL
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