Ching-Chi Huang


序號 4
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2014
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.18 No.1
作者 黃清琦
作者任職單位 青刊社地圖工作室負責人


關鍵字 圖名圖號地圖編目地形圖
頁碼 58-82
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Title The Naming and Numbering System of Topographic Maps of Taiwan and Its Relationship with Map Cataloging
Author Ching-Chi Huang
Author's title Chief of Loyola Map Workshop

Given the plethora and similarities of topographic maps, map users need to rely on the titles and numbers to classify and extract their required sheets. In the past century, the production of topographic maps of Taiwan was influenced by Japan, China and the United States, resulting in incoherence and frequent changes of the naming and numbering system. Thus, it became confusing and difficult for the researchers and catalogists. With many years of research on topographic maps of Taiwan, the author concludes that it is important to further understand the naming and numbering system of topographic maps of Taiwan as well as the context and the relationship with map cataloging. The study will analyze the changes of the serial names, sheet names, serial numbers, and sheet numbers of the topographic maps of Taiwan, thereby providing suggestions of map cataloging.

Keywords map catalogingmap numbermap titletopographic maps
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