Wei-Ni Yeh


序號 2
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2016
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.20 No.1
作者 陳書梅,葉瑋妮
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學系教授;行政院文化部文化交流司專員

遭遇情緒困擾問題者,可透過觀賞適當電影,引發個人自我療癒的本能,從而平復其原有之負面情緒,此即所謂的「電影療法」。研究者曾以失戀大學生為研究對象,進行電影對其之情緒療癒研究,並已將部分研究結果發表為文。而在該研究中,有2 位受訪者選擇觀看與自身性傾向不同之電影素材,並產生情緒療癒效用,此與過往文獻中,強調電影宜與當事者個人背景或生活經驗相似之療癒素材選擇原則不一致。爰此,研究者乃再檢視前述2 位受訪者之訪談資料,藉以進一步深入探究不同於個人性傾向的電影素材,為何仍能對當事者產生情緒療癒效用。訪談結果顯示,無論電影係以同性戀情或異性戀情作為劇情主軸,受訪大學生均更加重視電影的情節與內容是否易使個人經歷認同、淨化、領悟之心理歷程。準此,對較能接受不同於個人性傾向之素材者而言,在選擇情緒療癒電影素材時,素材中角色的性傾向,並非影響當事者獲致情緒療癒效用的主要因素。

關鍵字 分手大學生情緒療癒發展性書目療法電影療法
頁碼 26-49
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DOI http://doi.org/10.6146/univj.20-1.02
Title Emotional Healing Efficacy of Movies for Undergraduates Suffering Breakups: From the Perspective of Sexual Orientation
Author Chen Su-may Sheih, Wei-Ni Yeh
Author's title Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University; Executive Officer, Department of Cultural Exchange, Ministry of Culture

Undergraduate suffering from a breakup could soothe negative emotions and empower themselves by watching appropriate movies. This is an adaption of the so-called “movie therapy”. The researchers deployed semi-structured interviews to understand the emotional healing efficacy of movies for Taiwanese undergraduates with breakup problems, and part of the results of this research has been published. While former literatures had suggested the analogy between audience and characters of emotional healing materials, two interviewees of this past study had alternatively chosen movies contrast to their own sexual orientation and still underwent the experience of emotional healing. Thus, the researchers further discuss how and why the two movies help the interviewees with their emotional disturbance problems. The results reveal that, whether the setting and plot could personally induce identification, catharsis and insight from the plot and content of movies is more crucial for the interviewees. The fact that a movie focused on homo- or heterosexual relationship is less relevant. Based on the research result, as long as a movie possesses traits beneficial to emotional healing, it might remain a proper emotional healing material even the background setting is different from an audience’s personal experience.

Keywords breakupcinematherapydevelopmental bibliotherapyemotional healingmovie therapyundergraduate
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DOI http://doi.org/10.6146/univj.20-1.02