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刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2012
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.16 No.1
作者 李欣
作者任職單位 美國康乃爾大學圖書館副館長

經濟、科技和教學方法的發展給全球大學圖書館帶來了類似的挑戰。許多圖 書館都通過策略規劃以尋求應對措施。本文以最近兩個有關美國大學圖書館發展 趨勢的報告為背景,描述美國康乃爾大學圖書館於2010 年制定的策略規劃以及目 前正在實施的一些具體措施。

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DOI 10.6146/univj.2012.16-1.01
Title Cornell University Library Towards 2015
Author Xin Li
Author's title Associate University Librarian for Strategic Initiatives, Cornell University Library

Academic libraries around the globe are facing similar challenges as a result of the economical, technological, and pedagogical developments. Many have been conducting strategic planning to devise ways for meeting these challenges. This article uses two recent U.S. reports that describe the trends observed among the U.S. academic libraries as backdrop, introduces the strategic plan developed by the Cornell University Library in 2010, and outlines some of the specific measures that are being implemented.

Keywords Cornell University LibraryLibrary planningLibrary trend
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2012.16-1.01