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序號 3
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2009
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.13 No.2
作者 羅鳳珠
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學系博士生;元智大學中國語文學系講師

構成唐宋詞的形式元素是文字及音樂,詞人們以情境相通,物我交融的寫作技巧,將深刻細膩的情感內涵以文字及音樂傳遞到閱聽者心中。唐宋詞多媒體網站的設計,便是以能夠引發情境感知(Context - Awareness)的文字、影音、圖像、動畫等多媒體,作為引導閱聽者欣賞唐宋詞文本內涵的媒介為主要的設計方向,著重在表現唐宋詞文體特色,讓使用者登入網站,即可感受到唐宋詞文字、音樂、心境、情境、意境之美。

關鍵字 唐宋詞資料庫情境感知文學傳播知識組織資訊表達
頁碼 45-70
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2009-13-2.03
Title Words and Visual Guides of Context Perception for Knowledge Expression: An Example of a Website for Lyrical Poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasties
Author Feng-ju Lo
Author's title Doctoral Student, Department of Library and Information Science, NTU; Lecturer, Department of Chinese Linguistics Literature, Yuan Ze University

The Tang and Song Dynasties witnessed the greatest literary achievements in Chinese history. In addition to the traditional genres of poems, ci (or lyrical poetry), articles, and legendary novels, the fine arts including music, painting, and calligraphy also reached their creative heights. These periods were characterized by mutual interchange of materials and their blending. Many men of letters boasted talents in the various arts. Men of letters such as Su Shi were skilled at producing articles and paintings; Emperor Huizong was both a calligrapher and painter.
The elements of ci (or lyrical poetry) in Tang and Song Dynasties are words and music. Composers of lyrical poetry conveyed profound and delicate sensitivities to their audiences through words and music. The design goal of this multimedia website is to focus on words, videos, pictures and animations that stimulate Context-Awareness cognition to guide readers and listeners in appreciating lyrical poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties. The emphasis is on presenting characteristic writing styles so that once logged onto the site, users can discover the beauty of words, music, psyche, context and prospects.
Therefore, the focus of this paper aims at exploring the establishment of a website that stimulates users to understand lyrical poetry in the Tang and Song Dynasties through multimedia and by means of Context-Awareness cognition, to aid browsers, and to promote literature in a brand-new form and medium.

Keywords Context awarenessDatabase of Tang and Song lyricsInformation expressionKnowledge organizationLiterature promotion
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2009-13-2.03