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序號 3
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 1998
出版月份 10月
卷期 Vol.2 No.4
作者 林頌堅
作者任職單位 世新大學圖書資訊學系


關鍵字 學術資訊科際整合研究資源共享
頁碼 42-53
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Title Studies on Scholarly Information Sharing in Interdisciplinary Researches
Author Sung-chien Lin
Author's title Department of Library and Information Studies, Shih-Hsin University

Scholarly information is one of the most important resources for research activities. The use of scholarly information contributes to the defining of research problems, searching of possible solutions and publishing the research results. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the number of complex problems, it often requires knowledge and methodology from diverse disciplines to solve them. This paper discusses the significance of scholarly information-sharing among diverse disciplines from different definitions of interdisciplinary researches. Moreover, the study analyzes the problems and barriers of scholarly information sharing in interdisciplinary researches form the standpoints of communication channels, differences of scholarly languages used and diversity of scholarly cultures. Three possible solutions are presented. (1) Concerning the information communication channels, it is highly desirable to build informal channels from the development of various integrating research teams. (2) Respecting the problems arising form the use of terms in specific disciplines, thesauri can be used to solve them; therefore, it deserves careful study to find automated method for thesauri generation. (3) The researchers in interdisciplinary studies should try to strengthen ability in their own disciplines and refer to relevant publications in other disciplines to have a broader view of the issue in order to find better solution.

Keywords Interdisciplinary ResearchResource sharingScholarly Information
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