Collaborative mechanism


序號 4
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 1998
出版月份 10月
卷期 Vol.2 No.4
作者 王宏德
作者任職單位 國家圖書館資訊組


關鍵字 共建共享博碩士論文摘要國家圖書館國家資訊基礎建設資料庫電子化資訊服務
頁碼 54-71
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Title Collaboration in Building and Services of National Dissertation Information
Author Hung-te Wang
Author's title Information Department, National Central Library

The National Central Library received a grant from the Ministry of Education to develop a collaborative "National Theses Abstract Search System Project". Its primary goal is to encourage students from the graduate schools around the country to upload their dissertation information directly to the system. Once the information sent, it can then be searched online by full-text, title, author, administering professor, or keywords immediately. Abstracts, references, and other related information are also provided. This system provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information of its kind, and can be accessed online free of charge. This project can accelerate the presentation of the research results of higher education through the online collaborative mechanism, and monitor the nation-wide research trends.

Keywords Collaborative mechanismDatabaseDissertation abstractsElectronic information servicesNational Central LibraryNII
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