Li- Kuei Hsueh


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刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2013
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.17 No.2
作者 薛理桂; 林巧敏; 吳宇凡
作者任職單位 國立政治大學圖書資訊與檔案學研究所教授兼所長; 國立政治大學圖書資訊與檔案學研究所副教授; 國立政治大學圖書資訊與檔案學研究所博士生

本文係採用問卷法分析我國大學校院校史館建置及其經營管理現況,問卷調查重點在於瞭解各校校史館之設置與命名、行政隸屬與營運、人員與館舍、館藏與管理、數位化與加值應用等面向問題。問卷調查以普查方式,總計發放162份,回收有效問卷95 份。研究發現各校設置校史館比例僅及一半,其行政隸屬多在祕書室或圖書館之下,預算與人力資源不夠,校史館典藏與管理制度有待健全,對於校史資料檢索與展覽推廣觀念,仍待加強。根據研究結果提出我國大學校院校史館未來發展相關建議。

關鍵字 大學校史館校史檔案校史記錄
頁碼 1-22
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DOI 10.6146/univj.17-2.01
Title A Survey on the Planning and Management of University Archivesin Taiwan
Author 薛理桂; 林巧敏; 吳宇凡
Author's title Li- Kuei Hsueh; Chiao-Min Lin; Yu-Fan Wu

The purposes of this study are to examine the current planning and management of university archives in Taiwan. This survey focuses on various aspects concerning university archives such as the establishment, nomenclature, administrative subordination, operation, personnel, premises, collection, management, digitalization and value-added applications. The 162 questionnaires were mailed to all the universities in Taiwan, while 95 valid questionnaires were returned. The results show that (1) nearly half of the universities set up the university archives, (2) concerning the administrative structure, university archive usually belongs to the secretariat or library, (3) the budget and personnel are insufficient, (4) the collection and management need to be improved, (5)the access to university archives should be more user-friendly, and (6) the exhibition of university archives need to be strongly promoted. Finally, this study proposes suggestions of how to develop and manage university archives in the future.

Keywords archiverecordUniversity archives
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DOI 10.6146/univj.17-2.01