以DOI 及FRBR 探索數位物件之關聯性

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刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2016
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.20 No.1
作者 張慧銖
作者任職單位 國立中興大學圖書資訊學研究所教授

本研究擬透過 DOI 連結相同物件的不同版本,再輔以著者辨識碼,以連結相同作者的不同作品,另透過 FRBR 的階層關係,以具體呈現數位物件間的關聯性。研究所稱數位物件包括電子書、電子學位論文與電子會議論文集。研究成果期能做為圖書館建立電子資源書目家族的參考,並且對於未來如何利用網路上已建置之DOI 資源進行資訊組織,提供參考模式。

關鍵字 國際標準名稱辨識碼數位物件辨識碼書目紀錄功能需求書目關係開放型研究者及投稿者辨識碼
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DOI http://doi.org/10.6146/univj.20-1.01
Title Exploration of Digital Object Correlations via DOI Identifiers and the FRBR Model
Author Huei-Chu Chang
Author's title Professor, Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science, National Chung Hsing University

This study attempts to link the same object to its different versions through DOI, supplemented by linking different works by the same author via an author identifier, and to render specific correlation between digital objects through hierarchical FRBR relationships. The digital objects include electronic books, electronic dissertations, and electronic proceedings. The results of this study may assist libraries to establish bibliographic families within electronic resource collections and provide a reference model for using DOI resources installed on the World Wide Web to implement information organization in the future.

Keywords bibliographic relationshipDOIFRBRISNIORCID
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DOI http://doi.org/10.6146/univj.20-1.01