the Freedom of expression


序號 9
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2000
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.4 No.2
作者 王明玲
作者任職單位 國家圖書館參考組

本文分為四段,第一段首先記述英國警察扣押圖書館藏書,所引起的圖書檢查問題,接著記述法國極右派政黨控制法國南部四個公共圖書館的典藏政策,所引起的館藏泛政治化問題,並對兩者作一綜合觀察。第二段介紹IFAL於1999年3月所發布的「圖書館與知識自由宣言」(Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom),並闡釋宣言內有關知識自由、資訊自由與表意自由的意義與範圍。第三段介紹ALA與IFLA,兩者皆為圖書館界保衛知識自由之執行機構。第四段為省思,提到我國圖書館界在保衛知識自由方面可作的努力,分成圖書館員在選書者與檢查者之間的角色區分、圖書資訊教育的理念啟蒙與圖書館學會的領導與執行三方面論述。

關鍵字 圖書館與知識自由宣言檢查制度知識自由知識自由辦公室表意自由資訊取用自由與表意自由委員會資訊自由
頁碼 147-166
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Title The Recent Development of Intellectual Freedom in the International Librarianship and Its Implications
Author Ming-ling Wang
Author's title Reference Librarian, National Central Library

There are four parts in this article. The first part discusses The Mapplethorpe Event which raised the question of censorship and academic freedom in Britain. In addition, The FN Event in France is discussed, in which political ideology intervened into library collection development. The second part introduces the full contents of “The Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom”. The definitions of intellectual freedom, information freedom and the freedom of expression are explained further. The third part describes the establishment and main duties of ALA and IFLA. Both are executive organizations that safeguard intellectual freedom in the library world. The fourth part suggests three possible approaches for improving the climate of intellectual freedom in the libraries of Taiwan: the distinction between the role of book selectors and supervisors, the importance of educating library school students in the basics of library information, and the leadership and administrative role of the association of librarians.

Keywords censorshipFAIFEInformation freedomIntellectual freedomOIFthe Freedom of expressionThe Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom
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