Metadata modeling language


序號 4
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2001
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.5 No.1
作者 柯皓仁;黃夙賢;楊維邦
作者任職單位 交通大學圖書館;國立交通大學資訊科學研究所;交通大學圖書館

詮釋資料通常用來描述數位圖書館藏品資源的特性,本文則是取詮釋資料最廣義的解釋─Data About Data,並將詮釋資料應用在數位圖書館系統間的互通。本文首先針對數位圖書館互通性下一定義,並介紹數位圖書館互通性的相關議題和方案。其次則是以Stanford數位圖書館計畫為例,說明詮釋資料在數位圖書館系統互通性上能夠扮演的角色。文中並闡述交通大學圖書館為解決數位圖書館互通性問題所提出的詮釋資料建構語言,並以交通大學圖書館虛擬聯合目錄系統來驗證詮釋資料建構語言的可行性。

關鍵字 數位圖書館數位圖書館互通性詮釋資料詮釋資料建構語言
頁碼 49-78
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Title The Study of Interoperability of Digital Libraries with Metadata
Author Hao-ren Ke; Su-shang Huang; Wei-pang Yang
Author's title National Chiao Tung University Library; Institute of Computer and Information Science, National Chiao Tung University; National Chiao Tung University Library

The term “Metadata” is often used by information professions to refer to character the resources contained in a digital library. This paper adopts the broadest meaning of “Metadata”--Data about Data, and applies metadata to facilitate the inter-operation among digital library systems. It first defines digital library interoperability, its related issues and approaches. Then, citing as an instance the Stanford Digital Library Project to describe the roles that metadata can play in handling digital library interoperability. This paper also describes how National Chiao Tung University has tried to solve the problem of handling digital library interoperability by proposing the Metadata Modeling Language (MML), which is a language to define the metadata of digital-library contents and services, and define the translation of two kinds of metadata. Finally, a virtual union catalog system based on MML, called VUCS@NCTU, is implemented to vindicate the feasibility of MML.

Keywords Digital libraryDigital library interoperabilityMetadataMetadata modeling language
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