Digital archives preservation policy


序號 7
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2005
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.9 No.1
作者 洪淑芬
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學圖書館特藏組


關鍵字 Digital archives preservation policy合作協力合作目的國家文化資料庫計畫數位典藏國家型科技計畫數位化成果維護政策heritage數位化計畫
頁碼 100-122
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Title Collaborations in Digitalization Projects
Author Shu-Feng Hung Lin
Author's title Special Collections Department, NTU Library

This paper explores the advantages of collaboration in digitization projects, with a call on institutions and individuals for more cooperation in collection digitization with better=experienced institutions. I will start with a discussion over the good points in pursuing digitization project collaboratively, raising basic ideas about how to establish partnership, introduce some cooperative digitization projects underway abroad, mainly in the United States, for various purposes, and then return to take a look at Taiwan’s current situation in this field, sharing my own observations on the problems of the national digitization programs in our country. In my conclusion, I will come up with a summary of the merits of other countries' collaborative digitization projects, together with suggestions for the digitization programs in Taiwan. I end will urging our government to adopt policies that will ensure continuity of the digitization project currently carried on in various institutions after the five-year project expires.

Keywords CollaborationCooperationDigital archives preservation policyDigitization projectNational digital archives programNational repository of cultural heritage
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