序號 3
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2005
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.9 No.2
作者 鄭寶梅
作者任職單位 國家圖書館


關鍵字 合作館藏發展德國德國研究協會文獻傳遞館際互借
頁碼 46-71
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Title German Cooperative Collection Development and Document Delivery Services
Author Bau-Mei Cheng
Author's title National Central Library

For many decades academic libraries in Germany have worked closely together with one another in the field of acquisition and interlibrary loan. This paper aims to give an overview of German cooperative collection developments and document delivery services, with the emphasis on the SSGP (Sondersammelgebietsplan) and SSG-S (Sondersammelgebietes-Schnelldienst). First , the new concept of cooperative collection development and document delivery ser-vices is addressed. Next, it highlights the accomplishment of German major co- operative collection development projects、interlibrary loan system and document delivery services、the development of Subito and Vascoda. It is explored how the Special Subject Area Collection Program (SSGP) , a cooperative collection deve- lopment initiative in Germany, is transposed into the digital age in terms of co-operative collection and document delivery successfully, with the continuing financial contribution of the German Research Society. Now many SSGP university libraries offer a Special Subject Area Collection Rapid Delivery Service(SSG-S). In conclusion, the success and future trend of German library cooperation are dis-cussed , with some suggestions given to improve Taiwan cooperative collection development.

Keywords Cooperative collection developmentDocument deliveryGermanySondersammelgebietes-SchnelldienstSubitoVascoda
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