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序號 2
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2013
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.17 No.1
作者 李海碩;周 倩
作者任職單位 臺中市立東山高級中學英文科教師;國立交通大學教育研究所教授

本研究旨在探討臺灣開放式課程之發展歷程與影響。首先經由文獻分析麻省理工學院(MIT)之開放式課程及亞太鄰近國家之開放式課程聯盟;其次探討交通大學開放式課程之起源,臺灣開放式課程聯盟之起源與特色,並將其與亞太鄰國進行比較;最後以交通大學開放式課程為例,經由訪談得知對其教師與校內外使用者之效益,並提出建議。研究結果顯示,全世界之開放式課程皆受到美國麻省理工學院之影響,但發展方式不同,臺灣地區之開放式課程則以影音為特色。在開課之考量上,臺灣聯盟中之各校多考量修課人數、學校特色與教師意願等層面。開放式課程對教師而言,可增進其教學技巧,並能得到校外使用者的回饋;對交通大學校內學生而言,可超越時間的限制,有助於自學、補充、參考。對校 外使用者而言,更突破了地理上的限制,讓網路使用者獲得更多優質的教育資源。

關鍵字 交通大學開放式課程臺灣開放式課程聯盟開放式課程
頁碼 22-42
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DOI 10.6146/univj.17-1.02
Title A Preliminary Study on the Development and Impact ofOpenCourseWare in Taiwan: A Case Study of OCW of NationalChiao Tung University
Author Haishuo Lee; Chien Chou
Author's title English Teacher, Taichung Municipal Dongshan Senior High School; Professor, Institute of Education, National Chiao Tung University

This study is aimed to explore the development, features, and impact of Taiwan OpenCourseWare (OCW). It first reviewed the origin of MIT OCW and other Asia-Pacific countries’ OCW consortiums, including China, Japan, and Vietnam. Secondly, this study introduced the development of National Chiao Tung University’s (NCTU) OCW, Taiwan OCW Consortium (TOCWC), and compared them with those of Asia- Pacific countries. Finally, this study interviewed teachers and students of NCTU as well as off-campus users about their perceptions and experiences of NCTU’s OCW. The results indicated that Asia Pacific countries’ OCWs were influenced by MIT’s, and the distinct feature of Taiwan’s OCW is that many courses are imbedded with videobased contents. This study also investigated the considerations of OCW publication by individual universities in TOCWC, and found that the audience, university specialties, and willingness of participation from professors are the top considerations. The study further interviewed NCTU OCW’s users and concluded that (1) teachers could improve their teaching skills and were glad to receive feedback from off-campus users; (2) oncampus students perceived OCW to resolve their time problems as a good helper for their learning; (3) off-campus users appreciated the removal of geographical barrier and the access to high-quality free online education resources.

Keywords National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) OCWOpenCourseWare (OCW)Taiwan OpenCourseWare Consortium (TOCWC)
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DOI 10.6146/univj.17-1.02