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刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2011
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.15 No.2
作者 林佳穎;吳明德
作者任職單位 臺北市立圖書館課員;國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學系教授

整合查詢系統以單一介面檢索多種異質資料庫,近年來已受到圖書館重視。本研究以臺灣大學圖書館安裝之MUSE整合查詢系統為例,以觀察法及訪談法蒐集使用者對MUSE 整合查詢系統之意見,徵集10位分布於人文、社會、自然科學、生物醫學、工程技術領域的臺灣大學研究生為受測者,給予四項指定之查詢任務,並於過程中觀察記錄受測者與系統互動情形。測試結束後進行結構式訪談,訪談內容包括對系統好用性之看法、建議及滿意程度,並將結果歸類至效率、效能、容易學習程度、吸引性及錯誤容忍程度五個面向,由使用者角度了解系統之好用性,供未來系統修改之參考。

關鍵字 MUSE 電子資源整合查詢系統使用者研究好用性測試整合查詢
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2011.15-2.01
Title Usability Test of Library Metasearch System: A Case Study of National Taiwan University Library's MUSE Search
Author Chia-Yin Lin; Ming-Der Wu
Author's title Librarian, Taipei Public Library; Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University

Metasearch systems perform simultaneous searches across heterogeneous electronic resources through a single entry. In order to serve users, more and more libraries install metasearch systems to integrate their resources. This study aims to investigate the usability of MUSE Search, the metasearch system installed in the National Taiwan University Library, and to better understand user viewpoints toward this system. Five components of usability were analyzed: efficiency, effectiveness, learnability, engagement, and error. Observations and interviews were conducted in this study. Ten graduate students from the fields of humanities, social science, nature science, life science, and engineering science were solicited in the study. Students were requested to achieve four tasks. While they searching through MUSE Search, a researcher observed their behaviors and took notes. After the tasks were completed, students were interviewed by being asked questions concerning the usability of MUSE Search. Their comments and satisfaction levels were also collected.
The conclusions were divided into five components of usability. According to the findings of this study, suggestions concerning MUSE Search are as follows: 1. to revise improper display of information in MUSE Search. 2. To add new search functions, or revise old ones to meet user needs. 3. To improve help functions. 4. To revise terminologies which are difficult to be understood.

Keywords MetasearchMUSE SearchUsability testUser study
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DOI 10.6146/univj.2011.15-2.01