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序號 9
刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2007
出版月份 3月
卷期 Vol.11 No.1
作者 洪翠錨
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學圖書館視聽服務組館員

本文係參酌 €"Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries€"與 "Guidelines for Audiovisual and Multimedia Materials in Libraries and Other Institutions"€兩份視聽媒體指導方針內容,來論述目前臺灣地區大學圖書館視聽服務有待克服的問題有:視聽服務的組織編制、人員的養成與繼續教育、與校內其他相關單位的合作、視聽媒體整合至教學課程、視聽媒體內容的保存、視聽媒體的編目、視聽媒體的館際合作等問題。

關鍵字 大學圖書館視聽媒體視聽服務視聽資料
頁碼 166-186
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Title The Difficulties of Audiovisual Services in Academic Librarianship in Taiwan: from the Perspective of Two Operation Guidelines
Author Tsui Mao Hung
Author's title Librarian, Multimedia Services Department,National Taiwan University Library

According to the "Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries" and "Guidelines for Audiovisual and Multimedia Materials in Libraries and Other Institutions" which are proposed by ALA and IFLA respectively, libraries may design and provide their audiovisual services with these guiding principles. However, the content and manipulation of services would be varied in librarianship due to the worldwide dissimilar conditions. From the perspective of these two guidelines, this article discusses the administration of audiovisual services in Taiwanese librarianship. Especially, it focuses on difficulties that academic libraries have to overcome, including organization of audiovisual services department, cultivation and continuing education of librarians, cooperation between library and intramural units, integration of audiovisual services into curricula, preservation and classification of audiovisual materials, and interlibrary loan of audiovisual materials among academic libraries.

Keywords academic librariesaudiovisual materialsAudiovisual Services
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