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序號 8
刊名 2
年份 2006
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.10 No.2
作者 江梅燕;柯皓仁
作者任職單位 交通大學電機資訊學院在職專班數位圖書資訊組研究生;交通大學圖書館教授兼副館長


關鍵字 創意學習創意思考教學創造性問題解決模式劉興欽數位典藏
頁碼 142-159
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Title Application of Digital Archives in Creative Learning-Using Creative Problem Solving to Analyze the Process of Liu Hsing-Chin's Scientific Inventions
Author Mei-yan Jiang; Hao-ren Ke
Author's title Master Student, Master Program of Digital Library, National Chiao Tung University; Professor and Associate Director, National Chiao Tung University Library

The Library of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU Library) has been participating in the "National Digital Archives Program, Taiwan" (NDAP, Taiwan) for several years, and many valuable cultural assets have been digitalized. The next step of the NCTU Library lies in exploiting these digitalized cultural assets in value-added applications, and this article describes one possible application in creative learning. This article has two focuses, the first is to introduce the digital archives of Liu Hsing-Chin's comics and patents. The next incorporates the concept of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) into creative learning. CPS is employed to analyze the entire process of Liu Hsing-Chin's scientific inventions in a step-by-step manner. According to the analysis results, a set of game-based educational materials is designed. In addition, this article analyzes the Creativity Assessment Packet developed by Williams, and uses its key idea to design an on-line evaluation system.

Keywords Creative learningCreative Problem Solving (CPS)Creative thinking teachingdigital archivesLiu Hsing-ChinWilliams Creativity Assessment Packet
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