Crisis management


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刊名 大學圖書館
年份 2005
出版月份 9月
卷期 Vol.9 No.2
作者 高鵬
作者任職單位 國立臺灣大學醫學院圖書分館


關鍵字 危機管理圖書館管理大學圖書館
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Title Responding to the Media in Public University Libraries During a Crisis
Author Peng Kao
Author's title Medical Library, National Taiwan University

An issue that results in negative effects against a certain institute and requires crisis management is considered a crisis. For public university libraries, a possible crisis ranges from policies that may arouse complaints from faculties and students, disagreement between users and librarians, to user behaviors that are against regulations. Those issues may turn out to be critical events that may lower the service quality of the library, threaten the security of librarians or patrons, furthermore damage the library's reputation. Therefore effective crisis management must be implemented in time. In the meantime, the PR (public relation) mechanism must also be turned on to meet the demands of the media. To deal with the media appropriately, the PR mechanism in public university libraries should include an competent spokesman, standard procedures in dealing with the media, and requesting clarification on incorrect reports.

Keywords Crisis managementLibrary managementUniversity library
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